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Language Lab

English is a language of opportunities and it plays a vital role in securing desirable employment. Accuracy and fluency in the use of language are very essential. Technology – aided learning has started playing a significant role in the pursuit of language learning. The state - of -the - art language laboratory which has been established aims at facilitating the learners to gain mastery in the use of English. It enables the students to expedite the process of improving learning skill with more emphasis on LSRW (Learning, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) leading to desirable employability. The language lab intends to develop the confidence level of students and it would motivate them to use their language skills outside the classroom as well. The technology thus fulfills all the needs of language learners and educators.

Softwares available : 02 ( Linguaphone 21+ i. Lotus SRS ( Speech Recognition Software )


To enhance the proficiency of the students in all four primary skills (LSRW) of English through computer aided teaching.

To emphasize the importance of English as a medium of learning academic subjects.

To facilitate the students to shed fear and anxiety while using English and to overcome their mother tongue influence

To equip students with confidence to undergo placement training programs through round the year practice in small presentations, group discussions, debates and mock interviews.

To enhance spoken skills through various software/ computer programs.

To develop interactive approach in learning the second language.

To provide every student enough time to practice the components of the language through repeated exposures.

To make them aware of the need to learn better pronunciation through stress on word accent, intonation and rhythm.