Admission are governed by rules prescribed by Director of technical Education Mumbai time to time refer

Eligibility for Admission to First year D. Pharm. course: For Admission to the first year Diploma course in Pharmacy the candidates should have passed the higher secondary certificate ( std .XII) examination of Maharashtra state Board of Secondary and Higher secondary Education. Or any other examination declared  by the said Board  to be equivalent  there to with and in



Biology or Mathematics  and English

Duration of course:  The Duration of the course shall be for two academic year with each academic year  spread over a period of not less than one hundred and eighty working days. In addition to 750 hours practical training spread over a period or not less than three months

Sanctioned Intake : 60

Minority Seats

Seats under CAP Process

Institute level Seats


                  80  %


Reservation: All the reservation given below shall be applicable to candidates belonging to Maharashtra state candidature only subject to the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria specified by respective authorities from time to time.

Sr. No.

 Category of reservation

% of M.S. seat reservation


Scheduled Castes and Schedule caste converts to Buddhism ( SC)



Schedule Tribes ( ST)



Vimukta Jati ( VJ) and De notified Tribes ( DT) ( NT-A)



Nomadic Tribes 1 ( NT-B)



Nomadic Tribes 2 ( NT- C)



Nomadic Tribes    3 ( NT- D)



Other Backward classes ( OBC )





Centralized  Admissions  process: During the CAP, before accepting the allotted seat in Round I,II and III a candidate can option Freeze, Slide or Float choice for subsequent rounds(s), if any, of seat allocation, as provided below,

      a)      Freeze: Candidates accept the offered seat and they do not want to participate in any further rounds of seat allocation, such Candidates will not be considered in subsequent rounds of admissions;

      b)      Slide: candidates accept the offered seat and indicate that, if admission to the academic program of higher performance is offered within the same institution, they will accept it, Such candidates will be considered in subsequent round of admission;

      c)      Float: Candidates accept the offered seat and indicate that, if admission to an academic program of higher performance in any Institution is offered, they will accept it, Else they will continue with the currently accepted academic program. Such Candidates will be considered in subsequent rounds of admission

      d)     Candidate should select the reporting option Freeze Slide or Float through his/her login

      e)      If candidate get better choice in CAP Round II and/or III ,Candidates may change the reporting option as Freeze Slide or Float  through his/her login, Otherwise earlier option will be carried forward.

      f)       For Candidate who chooses the Float or Slide option , and secures a seat  of his choice of higher preference, then it would automatically result in the forfeiture of the seat accepted by the Candidate in the earlier round;

g)      g) Sliding and Floating options will not be available to a Candidate who is offered admission to his/her first choice

 h)      If the candidate fails to accept the allotted seat in Round I by not reporting at Admission Reporting Centre (ARC) in scheduled time and not  paying seat acceptance fee at Admission Reporting Centre, then such candidate shall not be eligible for CAP Round II an

i)        d / or III. However such  candidates are eligible to participate in CAP Round

      j)        IV. (Seat acceptance  fee shall be Rupees 3000/- for General Category, VJ/DT, NT, SBC/OBC category and Rupees 1000/- for SC, ST category candidates.)

 Conduct of CAP Round-IV.-

 (a) The seats available for this round shall be published on the website. The Candidates are allowed to fill in or edit the already filled online option  Form. The seats to be allotted during the course of this round shall be  subject to following conditions,-

(i) Before start of this round, the Candidates can change their option from Sliding or Floating to Freezing or vice-versa.

(ii)  Candidates who have not been allotted any seat in any of the previous rounds or those who have taken and cancelled their admission in the  earlier rounds or rejected the offered seat by not reporting to Admission Reporting Centre and those who are desirous of Floating and Sliding in this final round are eligible to participate in this round.

(iii) Candidates who have opted for Floating and Sliding and also applying for this round shall fill in the allotted institution in their choice list. Once the upward allotment is made the earlier allotment automatically stands cancelled.

(iv) Sliding and Floating options are not available for the seats allotted in  this round as it is final CAP Round.

(b) Reporting and accepting the offered seat will be as per the allotment of the CAP Round IV by the Candidate at Admission Reporting Centre.

 Reporting and confirming the admission.-

After final CAP Round, the Candidate shall report to the institution allotted to him/her and confirm his/her admission in institution.

 Fees and Concessions:  As per Govt. Rule

Admission in Institutional Quota and vacant seats after CAP   The principal of the institution shall carry out the admissions for these seats in the following manner:-

a)      Admission shall be made in a transparent manner and strictly as per the Inter se merit of the candidates who have applied to the institution.

b) Aspiring candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria as notified by the Government and specified by the  appropriate authority, from time to time sall apply to the principal of the institution for admission at the institution level as provided in rule.

c) The  institution may give admission to the applicants on the basis of their inter se merit derived from merit list declared by the competent authority for filling the seats in the institutional Quota.

d) The institution shall prepare and display the inter se merit lists of the candidates to be filled in at the institution quota with the vacant seats after CAP, on the notice board.

e) If any CAP seat become vacant after the CAP round then the same shall be filled in by the candidates from the same category for which it was earmarked during the CAP. Further if the seats remain vacant then the seats shall be filled on the basis of inter se merit of the applicant.

Institute level Round:

If the seats remain vacant after all CAP Round, the said seats shall be filled in by the institution through institution level round with the prior approval of the competent Authority.

Reporting at institution:

1.      Candidates shall confirm the admission by paying the requisite amount of fee and by submitting required document in original to the institute, to which admission is granted as per schedule.

Schedule: Admission schedule will follow as per the direction of DTE