To provide the education, training and technology to the forthcoming generation in the Noble profession of pharmacy, espacially in rural area and to serve in the nation’s health-care system.


To impart quality education and glance, to create a future glorious and bright of the professionals for rendering pharmaceutical service to the health community.


Identity : IPF will actively promote its identity and service by continuos education process.
Innovation : Finding new solutions to existing problems and adopting new technology.
Leadership : Promoting transparency in rules & regulation, and continious learning process.
Achievement : IPF will promote increase achievement for all students with an emphasis on assisting by providing & supporting services and programs.


Dear Students,

I am very much glad to inform you that the institution has started “Alumni programs “by this year.

The institute has proud of you, for your hard work and a successful working at the different corners of the pharmacy field in various esteemed organizations. In persuasion of this activity and as a part of emotional relations among ourselves, I expect to share your know- how with us. In this context a GET TOGETHER will be arranged in near future. The exact schedule and programs will be convey to you.